Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The 72nd Annual Northeast Fish & Wildlife Conference, USA

The 72nd Annual Northeast Fish & Wildlife Conference, "Thinking Outside: Taking Risks for Better Conservation," will be held April 3-5, 2016 in Annapolis, Maryland at the Westin. The event is co-hosted by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and the Delaware Division of Fish & Wildlife.

Conservation Asia 2016, Singapore

The SCB and ATBC are the two largest non-profit international professional organizations devoted to the conservation of biodiversity, with >10,000 members worldwide. This is the first time that SCB Asia-Pacific and ATBC Asia regional chapters will jointly host a meeting. Conservation Asia 2016 will attract up to 500 delegates from up to 80 countries. Participants will be conservation managers, agribusiness and extractive industry leaders, policy makers, conservation scientists and students from the academic, business, NGO and government communities.

The conference theme of "sustainable landscapes for people, business and biodiversity" reflects the complexity of environmental challenges facing the Asian region. Over the past 30 years, Asia has experienced spectacular increases in economic growth and human wellbeing, sustained in part through resource extraction and crop expansion. One consequence of this has been high rates of deforestation, habitat degradation, pollution, and species extinctions across Asia. This conference will be an opportunity for researchers and practitioners to engage in scientific discourse over some of the most urgent (and contentious) environmental and conservation issues facing Asia, including (but not limited to) environment-industry trade-offs; public-private approaches to the sustainable management of natural capital; environmental markets and innovative conservation financing; urban ecology; communicating conservation science; the illegal wildlife trade; and the human dimension of conservation.

North American Congress for Conservation Biology, USA

The 3rd Biennial Congress will highlight the importance of integrating successful communication strategies into our work. In order to move from research to action, we must communicate across boundaries to encourage and empower diverse communities working to sustain the Earth's biological and cultural diversity, and to implement the policy changes that make this possible. The Congress will play an important role in advancing science and stimulating conservation action through effective dialogue and far-reaching engagement. This Congress in North America is critical to our success as conservation professionals. Please stay tuned as we update web content to reflect the upcoming conference.