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Book: Sedimentation and Sediment Transport



International Conference on Coastal Conservation and Management in the Atlantic and Mediterranean

Estoril, 2010, Portugal. 11-17 April.

Conference Goals

The coastal zone attracts many uses, such as fishery, industry, transportation, recreation and tourism, different types of development that are compatible only to a limited extent. The increased human pressure on the coastal zone carries the risk of a substantial reduction of ecosystem services, and threatens Natural Parks Natural Parks and other protected areas. Multiple uses of the coastal zone, aggravated by the existence of several property-rights create a variety of conflicts that urge to be solved, especially when different social compromises are being pursued, such as sustainability, economic efficiency and equity.
The Universidade Nova de Lisboa, the Cascais Municipality, the Cascais Energy Agency, the Cascais Atlantic Agency and the Organizing Committee, are pleased to announce the International Conference on Coastal Conservation and Management in the Atlantic and Mediterranean (ICCCM2010), that will be held on April 11 to 17, 2010 at the Estoril, Cascais (Portugal).
This multi-disciplinary international conference is convened as a forum for scientists, engineers, planners and managers to discuss recent and new advances in scientific, technical, and socio-economic understanding of environmental issues related to coastal processes. The conference includes an interesting programme, with several field trips to the diverse and scenic coastal environment of the Lisbon area. International experts will offer a post-conference short course and thematic workshops.
It is also the objective of this conference to promote international exchange of knowledge among researchers, managers and technicians, as well as other professionals working in coastal zones conservation and management. The Conference also aims at sharing experiences and developing contacts and networks among all the practitioners.


1. Strategic Environmental Assessment in Coastal Areas

  • Assessment, best practices and case study reports
  • Methods and techniques
  • Indicators of sustainable development
  • Other indicators (governmental actions, ecological indicators)

2. Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)

  • Integrated approaches on estuaries and adjacent coastal zones
  • Integrated coastal interventions and soft protection measures
  • Integrated approaches on coastal streams and coastal zones
  • Waterfront regeneration and city-port relationship
  • Governing and governance. Capacity building
  • Coastal observatory and spatial data infrastructures for coastal environments
  • Local Agendas 21 and public participation process
  • Socio-economic costs and benefits of ICZM
  • Adaptation to risks and the impacts of climate change

3. The Sea

  • Marine spatial planning (MSP)
  • Coastal laws, their application and associated problems
  • Sea and coastal pollution
  • Transport and coastal pollution
  • Civil protection
  • Ocean energy

4. Living with Erosion

  • Erosion versus land use
  • Sedimentary budgets and coastline evolution
  • Storms and consequences
  • Coastal erosion indicators
  • Coastal restoration & mitigation

5. Tourism and Coastal Conservation

  • Tourism and natural areas
  • Tourism and coastal hazards
  • Good practices for tourism on coastal zones
  • Defining, measuring and evaluating the carrying capacity of tourism
  • Towards quality of coastal tourism: integrated quality management of coastal tourist destinations
  • Environmental Planning of Coastal Resorts
  • Coastal Greenways 

Important dates

1st June 2009Pre-registration opening
23rd October 2009Abstract submission deadline
30th November 2009Acceptance notification
31st January 2010End of reduced fee for registration
31st March 2010NEW DEADLINE for submission of papers for publication


Workshops will be held on the following topics:

W1 - Workshop CONSCIENCE                     Concepts and Science for Coastal Erosion Management (session pdf)
W2 - Workshop on Coastal Streams Restoration (session pdf)
W3 - Workshop on Carrying Capacity in Coastal Areas (+ info soon)
W4 - Workshop on Ocean Energy (+info soon)                                                                                                                                                                                                      
More information here  

Book: Sedimentary Responses to Forced Regressions

Geological Society Special Publication ; No. 172

10th International Conference on Gas in Marine Sediments

Listvyanka, Lake Baikal, Russia
September 6-12, 2010
The 10th International Conference on Gas in Marine Sediments covers all aspects of research related to methane in the ocean. The topics of the conference will include, but are not restricted to:
  • Formation of shallow gas in sediments
  • Subsurface fluid flow, geochemical and thermal gradients
  • Biological and biogeochemical processes at seep ecosystems
  • Formation and destabilization of hydrates
  • Diversity and functioning of methane seeps, bubble sites, pockmarks and mud volcanoes
  • Imaging sub-seafloor gas structures by seismic studies
  • Regional studies on gas and gas hydrate distribution and quantification
  • Seafloor emissions to the water column and the atmosphere
  • Methane-derived authigenic carbonates
  • CO2-hydrate for CH4-hydrate exchange: option for carbon storage in marine sediments
Given the special location, the Conference will also accept contributions dealing with the occurrence of gas in lacustrine sedimentary environments and on comparisons between lacustrine and marine settings.
Host of the Conference The conference will be hosted by the Limnological Institute of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Irkutsk, Russia).
Scientific Committee

Antje Boetius, MPI Bremen, Germany
Marc De Batist, Renard Centre of Marine Geology, Ghent, Belgium
Lyubomir Dimitrov, Institute of Oceanology, Varna, Bulgaria
Ian MacDonald, Tamu Corpus Christi, U.S.A.
Jean-Paul Foucher, IFREMER, Brest, France
Soledad Garcia-Gil, University of VIGO, Spain
Martin Hovland, Statoil Stavanger, Norway
Michael Ivanov, Moscow State University, Russia
Alan Judd, Newcastle, Great Britain
John Woodside, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Gerhard Bohrman, MARUM, University Bremen, Germany
Bo Barker Jørgensen, Center for Geomicrobiology, Aarhus University, Denmark
Nikolay Pimenov, Winogradsky Institute of Microbiology, Moscow, Russia
Michael Grachev, Limnological Institute, Irkutsk, Russia
Anatoly Obzhirov, Pacific Oceanological Institute, Vladivostok, Russia
Tatyana Matveeva, VNIIOceanology, St. Petersburg, Russia
Ira Leifer, Marine Science Institute, University of California, Santa Barbara, U.S.A.
Daniel Orange, Black Gold Energy, Jakarta, Indonesia
Erwin Suess, IFM-.GEOMAR Kiel, Germany
Hitoshi Shoji, Kitami Institute of Technology, Japan
Local Organizing Committee
Oleg Khlystov
Tamara Zemskaya
Nikolay Granin
Tatyana Sitnikova
Bair Namsaraev
Galina Nagornaya
Alexey Gurulev
Oleg Kotsar

Place and Date


The conference will be held in Hotel “Mayak” from Monday, Semptember 6, to Sunday, September 12, 2010.
Hotel “Mayak” is situated on the shore of Lake Baikal in the village Listvyanka, 70 km from Irkutsk.

Please find a registration form on the Conference website and send the completed form:
- as e-mail attachment to Oleg Kotsar;
- or by fax to +7 3952 42 54 05;
- or by post to: Oleg Kotsar, Limnological Institute, 3, Ulan-Batorskaya, Irkutsk 664033, Russia.
Deadline for preliminary registration: December 1, 2009.  
The organizing Committee (contact person: Galina Nagornaya will book rooms for participants of the Conference in Hotel “Mayak” and Hotel “Baikal Legend” in single and double rooms, and in suites.
The average daytime temperature in September in Listvyanka is 10°C, and at night 2°C. You are recommended to bring warm clothes for the boat trip. Current weather forecast is shown at, or

Important Dates

1 December 2009 Deadline for preliminary registration
1 April 2010 Deadline for abstract submission
1 May 2010 Deadline for final registration
1 May 2010 Deadline for hotel booking
30 July 2010 Distribution of Conference Programme to all registered participants

Contact Address
Tamara Zemskaya
Limnological Institute,
3, Ulan-Batorskaya, Irkutsk 664033, Russia
Tel.: +7 3952 42 30 53
Fax: +7 3952 42 54 05

First International Conference Coastal Zone Management of River Deltas and Low Land Coastlines

Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation of Egypt (MWRI) is hosting this conference, in cooperation with other governmental institutions, through its Coastal Research Institute (CoRI) of the National Water Research Center (NWRC) to capitalize on the initiative drive of the conference steering team at Costamarine Technologies (CMT), USA, the Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT), Egypt and the Coastal Zone Foundation (CZF), USA, towards sustainable sea & ocean solutions.
The realization of the conference was further established by the participation of the US co-sponsors which are: The American Society of Civil Engineers;ASCE, The United States Geological Survey;USGS, The American Shore and Beach Preservation Association; ASBPA, and The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration;NOAA.
Shaden Abdel-Gawad, President of NWRC, Egypt
Nabil Ismail, International Coordinator, AASTMT, Alexandria, Egypt
Orville Magoon, CZF, USA
Ismail Mubarak, Cairo University and MWRI advisor, Egypt
Margaret Davidson, NOAA, USA
Billy Edge, Texas A&M University, USA
Kate Gooderham, ASBPA
Jim Houston, US Corps Army of Engineers
Nabil Ismail, AASTMT, Egypt
Suzana Ilic, Lancaster University, UK
Alberto Lamberti, University of Bologna, Italy
David Kriebel, US Naval Academy,MD,USA
Orville Magoon, COPRI/ ASCE
Ismail Mubarak, MWRI Advisor, Egypt
Marcel Stive, Delft University, The Netherlands
S. Jeffress Williams, USGS, USA
W.E. Bijker, Maastricht University, NL, USA
Meg Caldwell, Center for Ocean Solutions, CA, USA
Jenifer Dugan, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Ashraf El Ashail, Director, CRI, Egypt.
Ibrahim El-Shinnawy, CoRI, Egypt
A. Samer Ezeldin, American University, Egypt.
Hossam Fahmi, Director, NRI, Egypt.
Omran S. Frihy, CoRI, Egypt.
Mostafa Gawish, Ex-vice chairman, NWRC, Egypt.
Ahmed Khafagy, Ex-Director, CoRI, Egypt.
Saad Mesbah, AASTMT, Egypt.
Stephen Monismith, Stanford University, CA, USA.
A complete list of paper reviewers will be recognized at the conference, and their affiliations will be published in the conference proceedings.
Ibrahim El Shinnawy Director, CoRI
Ismail Mubarak MWRI Advisor
Ahmed Khater, Vice Chairman, NWRC
Abu Bakr Abu Zeid Vice Director, CoRI
Yasser G. A.Dessouky Ass. Dean Eng., AASTMT
Ayman El-Gamal CoRI
Essam Dabis CoRI
Hossam El-Morsi CoRI
Medhat Ali CoRI
Moheb Iskander CoRI
Morad Fahmy CoRI
Official organizing conference and travel agent
Wings Tours and Nile Cruises company
Mr. Samir Ahmed Hussein
Mobile   0020101436966
Fax        002035233508

Geological Processes of Deltas and River Mouths.
Coastal Change Processes and Human Influence on Coasts.
Coastal Defense Restoration and Erosion Mitigation; Hard and Soft Solutions.
Coastal Modeling and Risk Management.
Coast and Beach Ecosystems.
Dune and Wetland Management.
Coastal Pollution; Contamination Control and Disaster Management.
Impact of Coastal Defense Systems on Ecology of the Coastal Zones.
Sustainable Construction Materials for Marine and Coastal Structures.
Impacts of Climate Changes and Adaptation Policies.
Sustainable Coastal Management and Human Influence on Coasts.
Case Studies; Major Deltas of the World and Low Land Coastlines. 

Call for Papers:
Nov.15, 2008
Abstract Submission:
April. 20, 2009
Abstract Acceptance Notification:
May 21, 2009
Full Paper Submission:
Nov. 17th, 2009  
Editors Comments:
Dec. 17th , 2009 
Submission of Edited paper for the Conference Book
Jan. 4th, 2010
Abstracts and full paper manuscripts should be submitted within the given set time schedule. Authors interested in journal publication will be assisted to submit their work to journals such as journals of AGU, ASCE, Coastal Research, NWRC, Egypt and Shore & Beach. The production of a single supplemental indexed journal issue will be explored. 
Download call for papers here 
More detalis here