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Coastal Sediments, May - USA 2011

Up to four short courses will be offered on Monday, May 2nd, prior to the start of the full conference. Each short course will be conducted from 8 am - 5 pm and attendees can receive 8 Professional Development Hours (PDH) for the day. Registration for the short courses will begin in Fall 2010. A tentative list of short course topics include:
I. Coastal Sediment Transport Processes: Theory, Methods, and Modeling (instructors: Leo van Rijn, Magnus Larson, and and D.J. Walstra)(click here for short course schedule).(sponsored by Golder Associates)
II. Coastal Inlet Modeling (instructors: Gary Zarillo and Duncan FitzGerald)...................................................................(click here for tentative short course schedule)
III. Miami Beach, Beach Nourishment Project: A Coastal Engineering Project from Design through Post-Construction Monitoring (instructor: Bob Dean)(click here for tentative schedule and short course description)
IV. Coastal Ecosystems: Living Shorelines (instructor: Debbie Devore - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)..........................(click here for tentative schedule and short course description)

For more information about the short courses, please contact Julie Rosati (
More details will be posted as information becomes available, so please check back often!

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6th International Conference on Remediation of Contamined Sediments. February 2011

The 2011 Sediments Conference

Accumulations of potentially hazardous contaminants in the sediments of rivers, lakes, bays, and harbors present significant risk to economic development and the health of aquatic environments worldwide. Maintaining the economic and biological viability of these environments requires management of complex series of actions that affect a wide range of environmental, economic, and social issues. As a forum for sharing experience and progress toward this goal, the Sixth International Conference on Remediation of Contaminated Sediments will be held in New Orleans February 7–10, 2011. Chaired by Eric Foote and Andrew Bullard of Battelle, the Conference is presented and organized by Battelle. The Conference sponsors are other leading organizations active in sediment remediation research and application. The 2011 Conference will address the challenges of combining basic research, new characterization and assessment methodologies, innovative engineering, and good management practices to address the concerns of all stakeholders.

Short Course Registration

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Earthquake Details - Araucania, Chile

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2011 January 03 05:03:49 UTC (Click on each image for better observation)









 Theoretical P-Wave Travel Times