Friday, July 22, 2011

Linking the Time and Space Scales of Chemical Oceanography

August 14-19, 2011
Proctor Academy
Andover, NH

The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill: A Status Report
The Marine Phosphorus Cycle: Past, Present and Future
New Insights into the Marine Nitrogen Cycle

Chemical Oceanography in Deep Time
Glacial-Interglacial Changes in Ocean Chemistry

Trace Element Cycling in the Ocean: Biotic Influences and Responses
Submarine Groundwater Discharge

Carbon Processing in the Coastal Ocean
Biogeochemical Processes in Marine Sediments Across Space and Time

Goldschmidt 2011, Earth, Life and Fire, Prague, Czech Republic

Themes and Sessions

The Science Committee, chaired by Bernard Marty and Bernard Bourdon, have organised the following themes and sessions for Goldschmidt2011, which incorporates many sessions submitted during the public "Call for Sessions".

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8th Annual Meeting and Geosciences World Community Exhibition

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Sediment and carbon fluxes under human impact and climate change

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7th International Conference on Asian Marine Geology, India

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